Fusion functionality and versatility

We have designed the Fusion Powerboat for any application be it sport, commercial or leisure – all fused into one amazing design.

The Fusion is the most versatile, advanced, small to mid-ranged boat currently on the market with quality and ergonomics to meet current international standards.


The Fusion has been designed and tested as your ultimate cross-over boat. The concept behind the Fusion is that you can swop out the items on your boat during the day with great ease and speed.

What can it be used for?

  • 100% Saltwater Fishing (Estuary, Inshore and Offshore)
  • 100% Freshwater Fishing (Fly Fishing, Bass Fishing)
  • 100% Skiing, Wakeboarding, Tubing
  • 100% Leisure – Booze cruising, Relaxing

Where can it go?

  • Estuaries
  • River, Dams
  • Coastal excursions

The Fusion range


Fusion 15 Technical Specs

  • LOA 4.6m
  • BOA 2m
  • Freeboard 500mm
  • Draft 280mm
  • 16 degrees deadrise at transom
  • 15 degree transom angle
  • Min HP – 30HP
  • Max HP – 60HP
  • GRP Construction
  • Hull weight 360kg
  • Wet Deck
  • 130% Cat D Buoyancy
  • Single engine installation
  • SAMSA Cat R – D
  • LOA on Trailer with Motor up – 6150 mm
  • LOA on Trailer with Motor down – 5750 mm
  • HOA overall on Trailer 13” Wheels – 2000 mm

Fusion 17 Technical Specs

  • LOA 5.4m
  • BOA 2.1m
  • Freeboard 500mm
  • Draft 280 – 330m (hp dependent)
  • 16 degrees dead rise
  • 540 Transom height
  • Min HP – 60HP
  • Max HP – 115HP
  • GRP Construction
  • Hull weight 410kg
  • Wet Deck
  • 154% Cat C Buoyancy
  • Single or dual engine installation
  • SAMSA Cat R – C
  • LOA on Trailer with Motor up – 7740 mm
  • LOA on Trailer with Motor down – 7470 mm
  • HOA overall on Trailer 13” Wheels – 1965 mm
  • HOA overall on Trailer 14” Wheels – 2195 mm


The hull length and gunwale to width ratio follows the modern Bay Boat design popular in America.

The Fusion design is based on this international design trend where the beam is wider to length ratio. This allows the boat to be stable, get on the plane easily and provides ample deck space, making the Fusion one of the most versatile boats in its class.

This design trend allows for a smooth and stable boat which can accommodate a wide HP range. Clever use of deck space, console design and positioning gives you the feeling of space, perfect for a variety of activities.

  • Variable V Hull design – Handling
  • Reverse hook in hull – Planing quickly
  • 15 Degrees transom angle – Additional negative trim
  • Wide Reverse chine –  Stability at rest and dryness
  • Flare freeboard at bow –  dryness and keeps bow from dining into waves
  • Sharp deadrise forward vee – cutting through chop and waves
  • Light boats – Great horse power range, easy to launch and retrieve and easy to tow.

Construction Strength

All our boats are made from high quality materials.

Anti-osmosis barrier coats are built into the construction with a 100% composite construction ensuring maximum strength and durability.

All our decks are vacuum bagged honey comb and all our buoyancy foam is of the highest grade.

The transom is constructed from a high-density, closed cell fiber foam which is strong and durable.

  • Composite transoms – No rot
  • Gelcoats are sprayed – Uniform application
  • Reinforced keels – Using kevlar
  • Composite bulkheads – Lightweight and strong, no rot
  • High quality foam 130 – 150% – High buoyancy, stiffness and good sound deadening
  • 100% composite construction ensuring maximum strength and durability; no wood used


The Fusion is super dry in calm or rough conditions with incredible performance when skiing and tubing. The design optimizes performance for its size, hp and turning.

The power to weight ratio allows for efficient, economical boating. Everyone is amazed on how well balanced the Fusion is.

She is very sea worthy, has been tested and used in various conditions from surf launching and offshore fishing, to calmer estuaries. These tests have been performed on South African coastlines from East London to Cape Town. We’ve had a lot of positive feedback from our clients.

View the FUSION 17 promo video 2015


The Fusion’s 130% – 150% offshore buoyancy far exceeds the required 60%.
The foam we use is of the highest standards – closed cell polyurethane foam avoids any water absorption ensuring maximum safety for the family.

Thorough testing in all conditions has allowed us to produce a safe handling boat that will get your family or friends home safely. A lot of our testing was done in and around Knysna (through the notorious Knysna Heads). This has given us a fantastic benchmark on handling and seaworthiness which equates to safety.

Trailer Included

Comes with a galvanized trailer. The trailers have been designed for ease of use, because we believe that your boating experience starts in your yard at home.

  • All our trailers are built in-house, and we offer many combinations
  • Break neck trailers
  • Boom extensions
  • Different axle and wheels sizes

Single or Dual Engines

  • Fusion 15 – Single engine option only
  • Fusion 17 – Single or Twin installation
  • Fusion 19 – Single or Twin installation


Choose a colour

We have 18 vibrant colours to choose from; whether it’s bright, pastel, or just sparkling white

South Africa

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Knysna, South Africa, 6570

Mobile: +27 82 684 4167