5-Year Limited Warranty

5-Year Limited Warranty

Fusion Power Boats provide the following 5-year limited warranty to the registered owner. The warranty covers use under normal conditions and applications.


Any structural defect in the hull, deck and or any components manufactured by Fusion Power Boats whether in material and or workmanship. The hull being the under section and the deck the top section, which are permanently attached together. This defect must be reported to an authorised Fusion Power Boats dealer or the Fusion Power Boats factory, within the stipulated 5-year period. It is at the sole discretion of Fusion Power Boats to determine whether said mentioned defect is covered as part of the 5-year structural warranty.  A structural defect shall mean a defect that may either render the boat unsafe, under normal use for which it was designed, or which may not be acceptable standards that are consistent with the Fusion Power Boats norm. It is at Fusion Power Boats sole discretion, to a point, whom must do the repair of said defect.


The warranty shall not apply to any product that has been damaged through accident, modified, salvaged, or declared a total loss through damage or negligence. The following exclusions are also not covered by the warranty.

  • Cost of transport to and from an authorized Fusion Power Boats dealer or authorized repair shop, or to the Fusion Power Boats factory for any warranty work. This includes any recovery costs that may be involved.
  • Damage resulting from misuse, abuse, improper rigging, or fitting done by the owner or any authorized or unauthorized party.
  • Damage resulting from overloading or overpowering according to the specified maximums as shown on the Fusion Power Boats specification sheet.
  • Equipment fitted by Fusion Power Boats or an authorized dealer, the owner or an unauthorised party that carries its own manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty of such manufacturer shall apply.
  • Windscreen breakage and deterioration.
  • Deterioration of cosmetic gelcoat finishes, painted and epoxy coated surfaces which includes fading, chalking, crazing and discolouration, stress lines, stainless steel finishes and acrylic or plastic crazing and cracking.
  • Failure by the owner to use and maintain the boat in a reasonable manner.
  • Normal wear and tear and maintenance items are excluded from warranty coverage – these include, but are not limited to, batteries, bulbs, filters, bungs, finishes, cables, and wiring.
  • Any Fusion Power Boat that has been altered, added to, or modified in any way, unless such changes have been authorized by Fusion Power Boats or been done by Fusion Power Boats.
  • Any representation or implication relating to speed, performance, handling characteristics, fuel consumption and range.
  • The boat trailer is covered under its own manufacturer’s warranty.


All warranty claims must be initiated by the owner as soon as possible after a fault or defect is detected which may result in a warranty claim. Notice of intention to initiate a claim should include a description of the nature of the defect (with photos where possible), together with the boat serial number, date of purchase and dealer from where the boat was purchased. The authorized Fusion Power Boats dealer, should the claim be initiated through the dealer, must notify the Fusion Power Boats factory as soon as a claim is lodged by the customer. Fusion Power Boats will give written consent as well as advice on the remedial action that should be taken. No remedial work is authorised without the written consent of the Fusion Power Boats factory. Any unsatisfactory repair work that has been done by an authorized Fusion Power Boats dealer should be brought to the attention of the Fusion Power Boats factory within the shortest possible time of such repair work being carried out.

As with any purchase, the owner has a responsibility to take the necessary care and maintenance of his purchase, to ensure that they get the full benefit and pleasure from the purchase.