Introducing the all new FUSION 19

Do anything, go anywhere, anytime!

The ultimate versatility in a single craft

The newly released FUSION 19 is the flagship of our FUSION range. This multi-purpose boat is capable of everything from inshore and offshore fishing, flats and estuary fishing, skiing, wakeboarding & tubing and leisure boating.

Set up your Fusion 19 for offshore fishing then come back and convert it within 15 mins to a family leisure / water skiing boat, and then later on in the day one can convert it into a flats fishing boat. All design features on the Fusion 19 have more than one function such as the use of Railblaza starports that can take over 30 receptacles. The under deck hatches on the Fusion 19 triple up as a wakeboard locker, fish hatch or ballast tanks.

All in one day, with one boat.

Launching and retrieving is a one-man job

The FUSION 19 has been custom built on innovative design and superior craftsmanship. It is a lightweight boat, which is why launching and retrieving is a one-man job.

The FUSION 19 can be accessorized to include a durable shade canopy that single handedly takes only 60 seconds to assemble, plus a live bait well pump, cooler box, and multiple other features.

Attention to detail is the name of our game, which is why we offer our customer a choice of customizing the FUSION 19 to suit their lifestyle.

The base model includes:

Fusion 19 Technical Specs

  • LOA 5.97m
  • BOA 2.4m
  • Freeboard 680mm
  • 18 degrees dead rise at transom
  • 15 degree transom
  • 350mm Daft
  • Single or dual engine installation
  • Single motor: 25”XL Transom height
  • Twin motors: 20”L Transom height
  • Min HP – 90HP
  • Max HP – 200HP
  • GRP Construction
  • Wet Deck
  • 130% Cat C Buoyancy
  • SAMSA Cat R – C
  • LOA on Trailer with Motor up – 8290 mm
  • LOA on Trailer with Motor down – 7810 mm
  • HOA overall on Trailer 13” Wheels – 2375 mm

In a class of its own

As boating experts, we understand you want value for your money.

Our FUSION 19 is in a class of its own in terms of what it offers.

Designed for deep sea, estuary, and river cruising; it attracts a unique customer.

Personalise your Fusion 19 with these great accessories:

Choose a colour

Or just go with our show-stopping FUSION Blue


  • Derek Meintjies
    "The only limitation of the Fusion 19 is the ability of the skipper"
    Derek Meintjies
    Head to Head Boating Services
  • Andrew Bouwers
    "The only thing I can fault about the Fusion 19 is that I don't own one yet"
    Andrew Bouwers
    Atlantic Suzuki Cape Town

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